Conference Registration will begin at Noon on Friday March 15th, 2013. The Conference closing concert will be Saturday night March 16th, 2013.

Downloadable Schedule at a glance available Schedule at a Glance

Friday March 15th, 2013

Lecture Recitals/Presentations

1pm: Tsuyoshi Honjo: “Pierre Boulez Dialogue de l’ombre double”

2pm: Tom Smialek: “Bessie Mecklem: America’s Young Lady Saxophonist of the Gilded Age”

3pm: Steven Mauk: “Paul Hindemith: Konzerstuck”


1pm: Latin Sax Quartet

1:30pm: Allison Adams

1:30pm: Stacy Wilson

2:oopm: Sean Mix

2:oopm: Joe Murphy

2:30pm: Brian Kauth

2:30pm: Colette Hall

3:00pm: Michael Ibrahim

3:30pm: Gail Levinsky

4:oopm: Air Force Band of Liberty Quartet

4:00pm: Adam Pelandini

4:30pm: Jason Lackoski

4:30pm: West Point Quartet

Ken Radnofsky Masterclass 3pm-5pm

3:oopm Joshua Heaney

3:30pm Alyssa Hoeffert

4:00 Chris DeLouis

4:30 Jacob Seipt

Dinner Break 5pm-6:30pm

Evening Recital 7:30pm

Ken Radnofsky, Otis Murphy and Jean-Michel Goury

Saturday March 16, 2013

Lecture Recitals/Presentations

9:30am: Gregory Dudzienski: “Pedagogical Value of Transcription in Jazz”

10am: Jordan Smith: “”Use of Saxophone in the operas of Massenet”

11am: Christopher Brellochs: “Aaron Copland’s Forgotten Score Reemerges: The original Chamber Version of “Quiet City”

12pm: Geoff Landman: Philippe Leroux’s “SPP”: A spectrogram analysis

1pm: Sherri Brown: “How to Practice: becoming your own best teacher” (Youth Sax Day)

2pm: Sarah Midgley: “How to gain tonal improvement on the saxophone” (Youth Sax Day)

3pm: Holly Hubbs: “Crossing the Break: Cl. Transcripts for Sax”

3pm Joe Murphy: (Youth Sax Day)

4pm: Gail Levinsky Masterclass (Youth Sax Day)

4pm: Mark Kraszewski: “Miles’ Tenors”


1-3pm: Otis Murphy Masterclass

1-3pm: Jean-Michel Goury Ensemble Reading Session open to all, bring instrument!

3-5pm: Deadcat Bounce Jazz Masterclass


9:30am Longy Prep Quartet

10am: Hartt Saxophone Trio

10:30am: La’Ventus Quartet

10:30am Hartt Saxophone Trio

10:30am: Landman/Mix Duo

11am: QuadrATOMIC

11am: Max Schwimmer

11:30am: Jonathan Amon

11:30am: .Four

12pm: Kendra Emery

12pm: Jennifer Bill

12:30pm Joshua Thomas

12:30pm Bennet Parsons – Lilith – William Bolcom

1pm: Longy Conservatory Quartet

1:30pm: Havard Noelstad Sonata – William Albright

2pm: Goron Daskalov Macedonian Improvisation

2:30pm: Lois Hicks-Wozniak

3pm: Amy McGlothlin

3:30pm: David Wozniak

4pm: Ed Bingham

4:30pm: Zyzyx

5pm: Youth Sax Day Concert

Dinner Break: 5pm-7pm

7pm Deadcat Bounce Concert

There will be a light reception following the Deadcat Bounce Concert sponsored by Conn-Selmer


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